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The Sugarcult Community

...the first and original community for Sugarcult fans!

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Sugarcult Community
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This community was made on 12-22-2001 by me, Melissa Corbett! At the time I think I made the very first Sugarcult community on LJ, b/c I couldn't find any...so I made one!

Sugarcult is an AWESOME band. The first time I ever heard on them when I went to the Sugarcult/Mest/Good Charlotte show on December 7th. That was the very first time I saw them in concert and it was the first time I had ever even heard of them. I thought they rocked!!! I soon was addicted to their music and knew the words to every song on their album Start Static.

Sugarcult consists of 4 members: Tim, Marko, Airin, and Ben. They are very cool guys and put on a great show. You can find out all about them at http://www.sugarcult.com

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